4 tips for summer skin care

Summer is about to arrive and it is important to remember that skin care changes with the seasons. Skin is one of the main organs of our body and that's why it's important to take care of it in the best way. Permanently in contact with the outside, the skin is susceptible to various external aggressions and can resent the changes in our routines or simply the weather changes.Thus, from season to season, the need our skin evokes changes substantially, and it is necessary to understand its needs and adapt the care with it to the spaces we frequent and the time we spend outside. In summer, temperatures tend to rise and, with this change, the most common is that they begin to frequent beaches and pools.

Subject to sun exposure, sea salt and water treatment products such as chlorine, the skin tends to resent, and may become drier and less healthy.Thus, with the approach of the hot months, it becomes essential to question how we can treat our skin to ensure an appealing result and to ensure your health.Learn 4 tips to care for your skin in the summer months.

Tip 1: Bet on good moisturizersThe

use of moisturizers for the skin is always important but during the summer it becomes even more fundamental. A well moisturized skin will look better, avoiding dryness and eventual flaking, and be less prone to skin diseases. The choice of quality products, preferably natural, is the most suitable. This is an example of a brand that allows the encounter with excellent moisturizers, totally vegan.

Tip 2: Bet on sun protectionThe

application of a sunscreen is very important to ensure the health of your skin during the summer.

If possible, to avoid sunburn and possible health problems (such as skin cancer or melanoma, for example) prefer the sun filters with SPF greater than 30 and choose those that offer UVA and UVB protection.

Tip 3: Eat well

It is


only in the application of products that skin health is guaranteed. In fact, food plays a key role in ensuring that the skin remains healthy and beautiful during the summer. Try to eat fruits and bet on foods rich in carotenoids such as papaya, carrot or beet. These will help to give your skin a more caring and luminous look while keeping it healthy.

Tip 4: Hydrate yourselfWater

is key to keeping your skin healthy, as several international studies have proven.According to the evidence found by several scientific studies, drinking water promotes hydration of the skin from the inner layers, helps to disguise and prevent the formation of wrinkles, reduces cellulite and prevents premature aging.Thus, good hydration during the summer months can help keep your skin healthier and more beautiful even in the face of external aggression.

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